Building products with GPT-4

Importance of Depth and Exceptional Product Management


The arrival of GPT-4 and other powerful AI technologies has the potential to revolutionize various industries, but harnessing these tools effectively requires exceptional product management skills. We should keep in mind the importance of differentiating between “vitamins” and “painkillers” for customers, avoiding the pitfalls of “mile wide and inch deep” solutions, and highlighting a few innovative use cases that could benefit from these AI technologies.

With the power of GPT-4, many entrepreneurs may be tempted to use the AI to address every issue within their domain. However, this can result in solutions that cover a wide range of problems but fail to delve deep enough into any single issue to provide meaningful benefits. To create impactful and valuable products, entrepreneurs and product managers must develop the discipline to focus on in-depth problem-solving and emphasize exceptional product management skills.

I would like to illustrate this thinking with two possible Use Cases for GPT-4 powered solutions:

  1. Dr. House GPT4: A Comprehensive Medical Solution

Imagine a platform designed exclusively for patients who have already seen multiple specialists and undergone various tests and treatments without success. Dr. House GPT4 would allow patients to upload their existing medical reports, which would then be analyzed by the AI to suggest alternative treatment paths based on the latest research.

The platform would connect patients with top specialists in the relevant domains and create a detailed, organized docket of their medical history, tests, and treatments in chronological order. By leveraging the power of GPT-4, Dr. House could provide invaluable insights and support for patients navigating complex medical challenges.

  1. Munna Bhai Auto GPT4: Simplifying Government Processes

Dealing with government-related issues can often be time-consuming and complicated. Munna Bhai Auto GPT4 aims to simplify these processes by offering step-by-step guidance on resolving such issues.

Users would describe their specific government-related problem, and the platform would generate a clear, detailed roadmap to address it. Munna Bhai Auto GPT4 would also assist in preparing and filing necessary documents, with bonus points for incorporating direct API hooks into relevant public goods APIs for data retrieval.

Finally, the platform would provide follow-up communications and reminders until the issue is fully resolved, ensuring users can navigate bureaucracy with ease and efficiency.


As the GPT-4 era unfolds, it’s crucial for entrepreneurs and product managers to focus on developing solutions that offer depth, value, and seamless consumer experiences. Exceptional product management skills will be essential to differentiate between superficial, broad solutions and those that genuinely address customers’ pain points.

For startups building innovative GPT-4 powered solutions like Dr. House GPT4 and Munna Bhai Auto GPT4, my fund Rebright Partners is eager to support and invest in ventures that demonstrate depth, value, and exceptional product thinking.