The AIX Age

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Transformation of Society using Generative Artificial Intelligence

The world will go through a drastic transformation in the next 24 months and we need to embrace that change. Sudden and logarithmic scale improvements in technology capabilities through Generative AI can be a tremendous driver in solving some of the largest problems facing society today and truly transforming lives. At the same time, we need to acknowledge that this AI-driven transformation, or AIX is both an opportunity and a threat.

Emerging countries, especially India, which already have a strong public digital goods infrastructure layer and minimal legacy technology issues can leapfrog based on the new Generative AI models like LLMs and other custom models based on proprietary data sets. AIX can deliver on the perennial issues of labor productivity, education, and healthcare that are tailored to the problems facing emerging world economies.

Startups and their investors who embrace AIX, keeping a razor-sharp focus on exponential customer experience and delivering long-term value, will benefit over and above their peers. The primary drive will be the ability to break through the noise and deliver high signal engagement for all stakeholders.

To direct this new technology revolution, it’s important to identify good faith actors that can not only deliver new products and business models but are also acutely mind full of the human costs of AIX. We do need strong guard rails to prevent AIX from becoming a zero-sum game or the benefits being garnered only by the few.

We should perhaps build a large tent to take everyone along in the right manner – in a timeframe that is comfortable for each.

(image created with GPT4 tag suggestions fed to Stability Dreamstudio)